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To get you to the start line at Shaw Millennium Park, we’ll be sharing easy, doable tips all month long to guarantee you reach your fundraising goal.

In addition, keep an eye on your inbox and our OneWalk Facebook page for some great prizes, including limited edition OneWalk shoelaces—while supplies last—and Calgary Stampede tickets, to reward you for your all your hard work!

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Tammy, a cutaneous T-cell lymphoma cancer survivor and mother, raised $1,500 in 24 hours last year and a remarkable $2,100 in just four days!

In 2016, Tammy and her team, The 4-orce Walks with Us, surpassed their $10,500 goal, raising nearly $11,900! The 4-orce Walks with Us is made up of four cancer survivors, all women, along with those who have supported them through their journeys. Tammy and her team hope to surpass their $10,500 goal for 2017 once more!

How will they do it? Tammy shares her team's tips on reaching their fundraising goal!


tammy's fundraising tips


“There’s something special about being at the start line before OneWalk to Conquer Cancer begins. There’s an unmatched anticipation and excitement that fills the air, and when you look around, you see all sorts of people: Walkers of all genders, cultural backgrounds and generations. Despite these differences, there is one thing that unites us. We’re gathered there at Shaw Millennium Park for one reason: We’re here to conquer cancer.

And while the OneWalk ahead of us may seem daunting, the start line reminds us that we’re surrounded by an incredible energy that tells us we’re not alone. Cancer has touched us all in some way; we’re survivors, supporters, friends and families of loved ones lost to this devastating disease. Like many surrounding me, I Walk for the ones I lost.

In 2000, my mom, Anne Keilly, was diagnosed with lung and liver cancer. It came as a shock to our family, and only nine months after her diagnosis, she lost her battle with the disease. She passed away on February 17, 2001. While it’s been 16 years since her passing, her memory has always stayed with me. It is in her honour that I Walk in OneWalk to Conquer Cancer.”


Who wants to relax in the lap of luxury?

Add $150 or more to your fundraising account between now and Saturday, May 27, and you’ll be entered to win event accommodations at our OneWalk host hotel, the Sandman Calgary City Centre.*

Get those fundraising dollars moving now with a Facebook shout-out to friends and family and ask them to support your OneWalk today.

*Prize may not be traded or redeemed for any cash value. One entry per registered Walker upon reaching the $150 fundraising requirement. All funds must be deposited into an individual’s OneWalk account by midnight on Saturday, May 27, to qualify for entry. Winner selected at random. Terms and conditions subject to change without notice.


A gift basket from our friends at Ten Thousand Villages could be all yours when you raise $100 or more between now and Sunday, June 4!

Use the Walker-tested tips below to make it happen this weekend.


walker tested fundraising tips


What is IMPACT 150? It’s your chance to recruit or register and get rewarded for it!

Walkers, now is the time to call up those friends, family and neighbours who have been watching you from the sidelines. Because when you recruit up to three new or inactive Walkers*, you’ll receive a $150 fundraising credit for each one!

And if you’ve been thinking about joining our OneWalk Community, today’s the day to sign up! When you register and make a self-donation of up to $150, you’ll receive a matching credit towards your fundraising goal. Once registered, you too can recruit friends or family members to get additional $150 credits!

IMPACT 150 lets you become a powerful force of support for cancer patients and their families across Alberta, so recruit a new Walker or become one today!

*Up to $500 in total fundraising credits may be earned by a new or currently registered Walker. Total program matching gift is valued at $25,000 and will expire upon depletion of funds.


Walkers, when you make or get a donation up to $150 between April 17 and April 22, you will get a matching credit* towards your fundraising goal!

Not registered yet? Now’s your chance to make an impact!

Sign up for OneWalk this week, and any donation you make or get up to $150 will be matched*! That’s double the cancer-fighting dollars and double the impact you can make for patients and their families across Alberta, so join us TODAY!

*Up to $500 in total fundraising credits may be earned by a new or currently registered Walker. Total program matching gift is valued at $25,000 and will expire upon depletion of funds.


“In January 2016, I immigrated to Canada from the Philippines with my husband. Just a year before, in 2015, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Still in the Philippines, I had surgery and received treatment for the cancer.

While a very difficult decision to make, my husband and I moved to Canada. We didn’t have any family in Canada but felt positive that we could establish our lives here. It wasn’t long before we made friends and became involved in the community.

Part of becoming more involved in our community meant looking for people who went through a similar experience as I did. While looking for a community to connect with, I found OneWalk to Conquer Cancer™ benefiting the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

OneWalk demonstrates that it doesn’t matter where you come from; cancer doesn’t discriminate and it can affect anyone. It touched my life and I can now happily say that I am cancer-free.

I’m walking alongside my community in support of something we all have in common: We all want to conquer cancer once and for all.”



This month, get those fundraising dollars moving with your first—and next!—donation by using your personalized March Off $0 Power Plan.

Each week, we’ll share the steps to fundraising success, tips on applying them and your donation-raising potential when you put them to use. Think of it as your very own personal fundraising guide that will help you raise vital funds all month long for the 17 cancer centres supported by the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

Plus, we have March Off $0 prizes! Between Monday, March 6 and Friday, March 31, any Walker who gets a first donation will automatically be entered to win a fantastic prize package from our friends at National Bowl and Roosevelt in Calgary!

Prize Package Includes:

- VIP Bowl Package for up to 10 people at National Bowl with a private rental lane for up to two hours!*
- Food and cocktails for up to six people at Roosevelt in Calgary—a $200 value!

With our Power Plan and your powerful commitment to conquering cancer, we can together make an impact for cancer patients and their families across Alberta… Make March the month you March Off $0!


week 1 powerplan week 2 powerplan week 3 powerplan week 4 powerplan

*Terms & Conditions: Custom Package will be the property of the Individual Winner. Valid for Winner and up to nine guests. Certificate may be used once. Reservations must be made in advance.


The St. Patrick's Day fundraising flash challenge is here! Over the next 24 hours, get a donation of $50 or more for your chance to win a gift card prize pack full of goodies from local eateries and pubs.*

Send an email now to five friends and ask them to support your Walk!

*24-Hour Flash Challenge expires at midnight on Saturday, March 18. Must be a registered 2017 OneWalk participant who receives a donation of $50 or more by challenge deadline. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Limit one entry per registered Walker.


Does your team have what it takes to make the Alberta Top 15?

Walk to the top!

This February, the 15 OneWalk teams that show the highest percentage of overall team member growth will be recognized as part of the first-ever Alberta Top 15! Any team of two or more Walkers is eligible to participate in the Top 15 Team Up Challenge and win the extraordinary honours that come with it!

Teams will have until midnight on Saturday, March 4, to grow their team member numbers. The top 15 teams will receive the following recognition:

- Website recognition on our Alberta Top 15 leaderboard
- Special social media shout-outs
- Your very own team kilometre marker on the event route
- Access to OneWalk’s exclusive VIP lunch area

As you team up, remember to take advantage of OneWalk’s Referral Program! When you share your custom referral link with a new Walker, they’ll get a $25 registration discount and you’ll receive a $50 fundraising credit to your account.

Top 15 Team Up Challenge

1. Livin On The E.D.G.E. Youth Group % of Reg Growth: 80%
2. Tommy's Troopers % of Reg Growth: 67%
3. Tom Baker Cancer Champions % of Reg Growth: 50%
4. The Kris Krusaders % of Reg Growth: 50%
5. #Ateam % of Reg Growth: 33%%
6. Blue Footed Boogie Birds % of Reg Growth: 33%
7. TAXI! % of Reg Growth: 33%
8. Team Scott % of Reg Growth: 33%
9. The Virutuous Vereshagen's % of Reg Growth: 33%
10. Walk it off! % of Reg Growth: 33%
11. Warrior Women % of Reg Growth: 33%
12. the Okotoks Divas % of Reg Growth: 33%
13. F*#% Cancer % of Reg Growth: 25%
14. Breast of Friends % of Reg Growth: 22%
15. This Could Be Your Team! % of Reg Growth: %

Team Up Success Story: Team Ta Ta's

“For 10 years, Team Ta Ta’s has been actively fundraising and walking for the Alberta Cancer Foundation. In 2016, our team of 13 raised over $23,200 through the event and already we’re looking to expand our fundraising impact in 2017 by recruiting more members to our group.

As an 11-year cancer survivor, I know firsthand the impact that funds raised through OneWalk have on patients and families. After my cancer diagnosis, my daughters, Nichole and Kaitlyn, and I signed up to support the Alberta Cancer Foundation and throughout the years, our little team has raised over half a million dollars!

Since the beginning, Team Ta Ta’s has been hosting fundraisers to support our team’s efforts to conquer cancer. Here, we tell guests and supporters our personal experiences at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, the Cross Cancer Institute and 15 other centres across Alberta. We share stories of hope, we share words of encouragement and we celebrate all of our efforts. No team victory is too small.

I acknowledge that asking for money or asking someone to walk with you can be intimidating. However, even years later, I continue to be amazed by the generosity of people. All you have to do is ask. Whether you send out an email or talk to someone about what you’re doing, make it personal; tell them why OneWalk is important to you.

The best thing that comes out of this journey is awareness. Whether you join my team or create your own this month, you’re getting people talking. And that’s a reason to celebrate!”


A new year is here, and with it, your chance to step up in the fight to conquer cancer!

Start off 2017 on the right foot by referring a friend or registering for OneWalk! During the entire month of January, all new Walkers can register for just $17 with promo WALK17—our lowest registration of the year for a life-changing experience!

And because a new year means a new opportunity to make a difference—not only for others but also for yourself—we’ll be sharing our favorite tunes, training tips and nutritional advice so that our 2017 OneWalk is your best yet!

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date on all of our Step Up In ’17 news—and don’t forget to share promo WALK17 so everyone you know can take advantage of our incredible $17 registration special!


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Training Tip: Footwear Focus

Before you take that first step, have shoes that will go the distance. Footwear that leaves you with blisters and other avoidable injuries can quickly discourage a regular training regimen, so invest in well-fitting, comfortable shoes.

Nutritional Tip: Snacking Success

An engine can’t run without gas, right? So before you head out to walk, be sure to fuel up! A healthy snack like a handful of nuts will give you just the right amount of energy to enjoy a successful training session each time you head out.



Photo credit: Katie Novak

"As I write this, Calgary is recovering from a week of VERY cold temperatures. It’s a relief to see minus 10 on the forecast! Despite the cold weather, I have been out walking every day. In part, I walk to get me place to place, but in part I am training for the 25 kilometres of OneWalk to Conquer Cancer™ benefiting the Alberta Cancer Foundation, too.

Twenty-five kilometres is a long way to walk in a day, and it is important that all of us Walkers are ready to take on the distance come June 24. That means getting training in during the coldest and darkest months of the year—even when we may not be feeling inspired! So here are my top five tips for training this winter:

1. Bundle Up: This may seem like a no-brainer to us hearty Canadians, but it’s very important. When the temperature really dips, frostbite can set in quickly, so covering up as much as possible is important. I usually have on two pairs of pants, a short and long-sleeved layer, coat, scarf and mittens, along with some thick, wicking socks and sturdy winter boots. Now is the time to say so long to fashion and do what you need to do to stay warm! More layers that you can take off are better than not enough.

Now, when it comes to those of us who wear glasses, it makes it a bit harder to cover our faces. I’ve yet to find a way to wrap a scarf around my face without having my own breath fog up my glasses as soon as I start moving. I’d love to know your strategy!

2. Carry a Backpack: No matter what distance you’re going, it’s important to have supplies with you. Pack a water bottle, maybe some fresh socks and mitts, and whatever else you may need for your walk or when you arrive at your destination. Not only will a backpack help to keep you warm, but also walking with a bit of weight on your back will help to improve your fitness level faster and is better than just carrying yourself!

3. Water: A hot drink might be tempting, and while I’ll never discourage a warm tea, water is often the way to go. The cold can mean dry air, too, and it’s easy to forget that hydration is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer.

4. Track Your Progress: As with any training program, keeping track of how far you’ve come, both literally and metaphorically, is super helpful. Apps like MapMyRun and MyFitnessPal are great for tracking the distances you’ve gone, and they’re not just for runners! A free app will track your walks and help you decide how far to go on any given day. Marathon runners will often choose one day a week for their long run, which is a great idea for us marathon walkers, too! Try to add one to two kilometres to your routine every week, and you’ll be up towards 25 in no time.

5. Just Do It & Enjoy! I know, I know. It’s dark. It’s cold. You just want to be on the couch with a hot tea… But you have the very best motivation for getting out there and training this winter! Come June 24, you’re going to walk an amazing 25 kilometres, and you’re likely doing it to honour yourself and your journey or someone (in my case, many someones) you love who has been lost to or is battling cancer. Don’t look at your walks as a chore but a challenge and a time to enjoy the world around you. Take the time to appreciate what you’re seeing whether that’s public art, trees and wildlife, or just the daily world around you. Each day is a gift, so breathe deep and enjoy being in the moment.

Get out and walk. Do it for those battling cancer, do it for yourself and get out there! Happy trails. "

~ Katie Novak

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Saturday, February 4, is World Cancer Day. Step up as a part of our movement to conquer all cancers by registering to Walk on or before February 4. Make an even bigger impact by asking friends, family members and co-workers to join you and register today. Use code WALK17 for a special $17 registration rate.

Why You Should Step Up For World Cancer Day

Tomorrow on World Cancer Day, people around the globe will come together to bring greater awareness to this disease—a disease that has forever changed the life of Walker Clint Ferner. In honour of this global event, he shares with our powerful OneWalk Community why your support matters:

“In 2013, I lost the love of my life, Tracy, to brain cancer that started in her bronchial [tubes]. Tracy, who worked as an ultrasound technician, was just 46 years young when she took her last breath.

In 1999, I lost my father to lung cancer, and right now my mother is undergoing treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in Saskatchewan. She recently celebrated her 78th birthday and is facing the disease head on. My mother has so much still to give.

This World Cancer Day, I’m talking about OneWalk to keep the memory of my Tracy alive—someone I wish I could cross the finish line with hand in hand. I’m fundraising for OneWalk to remember my father who has been gone nearly 18 years. I’m walking in OneWalk for my mom. She’s pushing forward no matter the setback, and though I can’t physically walk in her shoes, I can do my part to help keep her on the right path.”


OneWalk made amazing strides in 2016!

Hundreds of Walkers marched last June for a cancer-free future. These incredible men and women received more than 10,000 individual donations and collectively raised nearly $1 million. Way to go, Walkers!

As we move towards a new year, together as one, let’s celebrate all the good we’ve done in 2016 and commit to an even more successful 2017! We still have much to do to achieve our goal of conquering cancer, but you can help us make the next OneWalk our best yet with an end-of-year donation.

Walkers, reach out today for that first or next donation ask! And even if you’re not registered to Walk, you can still support our efforts by making a donation now. No amount is too small, and every dollar will help cancer patients across Alberta!

Together As One: Marilyn's Story

“My journey began in 2014 when I started having worrisome symptoms. I decided to seek medical advice and was glad I did. To my disbelief, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. This came as a total surprise. I didn’t believe it could be true. Alas, my doctor confirmed it to be cancer and I was terrified.

I am a walking example of how funds raised through OneWalk to Conquer Cancer™ help save lives. Fundraising dollars benefited me directly and inspired me to give back to my community. I feel very fortunate to have been treated at the Cross Cancer Institute, a facility making significant medical advances through funds raised through OneWalk...

In September 2015 I went back for a check-up and was officially given the all clear. This year, I am looking most forward to seeing the people there, being a part of the community, showing that cancer can be treatable and curable and being a beacon of hope to those who need it. Don’t tell yourself you can’t do it because you can!”

~ Marilyn Lotzien



In 30 days, you can double the difference we are making for Albertans facing cancer. This November, we challenge you to recruit at least one friend, family member or co-worker for 2017’s OneWalk. Each new Walker brings us one step closer to a cancer-free future by increasing the funds we will raise and the lives we can save.

1 in 2 Albertans will be diagnosed
with cancer in their lifetime.


This year 45,000 Albertans will visit a cancer centre in their local community to receive treatment for their diagnosis. With your support we can ensure each patient has access to groundbreaking treatment and personalized care that will enhance their quality of life.

OneWalk puts the choice in
your hands.


When you register, you'll be given the choice to Walk and fundraise for the cancer that matters most to you! These include: Area of Greatest Need, Brain and Central Nervous System Cancers, Breast Cancer, Clinical Trials, Gastrointestinal Cancers, Genitourinary Cancers, Gynecological Cancers, Hermatological/Blood Cancers, Head and Neck Cancer, Lung Cancer, Rare Cancers.

What can we do?


If everyone recruits one Walker today, we will have 100% more Walkers committed to conquering cancer!

If everyone recruits one Walker today...


We will raise 2x more to support life-saving research, treatment, and care at cancer centres across the province.

If everyone recruits one Walker today...


We will Walk the equivalent of 25,000 km – that’s like going from Calgary to Edmonton 85 times!

*Based on all potential Walkers finishing the 25km route on event day.

If everyone recruits one Walker today...


We will still have more stories of hope for those who are diagnosed with cancer.