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RexallTM OneWalk to Conquer CancerTM benefiting Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.


Butterfly Of Hope

Welcome to Butterfly of Hope, a team that was founded by Chad Cieslik, (AKA Papa Butterfly) and has been walking together since 2009 to raise funds for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre as well as for many other cancer centres and charities across Canada. To date we have raised a total of 2.7 million dollars by walking many, many kilometers with our great teams from coast to coast.

We had the privilege of attending the “New Era” presentation at The Princess Margaret CC this spring. The presenters were their new, young researchers, doctors, psychologist and social worker that spoke of what they are currently working on and their vision for the future. They totally blew us away! Their education background was very impressive with most being educated elsewhere in first class universities around the world, but all having done sessions at the PMCC and all wanting to work here. The other thing they all had in common was their emphasis on what comes next; what comes next in research in their field and what comes next for a patient who leaves them. Their passion about making sure that patients leave them with somewhere to go and ongoing support was heartwarming. The future of cancer research and treatment is in good hands at the PMCC.

You can help us to ensure that these remarkable people and all of the other dedicated researchers at the PMCC can carry on their work as one of the top five cancer centres in the world by joining us on Butterfly of Hope. We will be walking in 2019 at our 15k night walk, which was a huge hit this year and our all new 25k out of town day walk. The location is still a surprise but we will all be bused there and back and it’s sure to be wonderful!

We currently have walkers registered from as far away as Alberta and Nova Scotia who are helping us to keep Papa Butterfly’s legacy alive.

Please register to join Butterfly of Hope for the night walk, the day walk or both, and give HOPE to all cancer patients, no matter where they live.

Aline Goulet, Barb Myers and Cathy Chamberlain,
Your 2019 Butterfly of Hope Captains

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