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The Weekend to Conquer Cancer benefiting Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Butterfly of Hope since 2009
Butterfly of Hope since 2009

Butterfly Of Hope

We've been walking since 2009 (and we're still going strong)

It has been more than ten years since Chad Cieslik, our Papa Butterfly, founded our team with a vision of having participants from across the country. For several years we had teams in many provinces from Nova Scotia to B.C., but now Toronto has the only walk remaining and we are grateful that walkers come to walk with us here.  Sadly, our Papa B passed away in 2018 but we continue to walk in his memory as well as in the memory of other team members, family and friends who are no longer with us. We also walk in support of all those who have struggled through difficult times with cancer and some who are still fighting. Happily, we also have many stories of survival, due to the amazing work being done at The Princess Margaret and other cancer centers around the world as they share information in an attempt to develop diagnostic and treatment plans.
Your donation supports personalized cancer medicine, research, treatment advances, education and new standards of care at The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Your donation will give scientists and research clinicians the opportunity to better understand the individual nature of each cancer and each patient and allow them to develop personalized treatment and care plans.
Nearly 1 in 2 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, which is why your support means so much.
Please donate to Butterfly of Hope or one of our walkers. Or join The Weekend to Conquer Cancer™ and walk side-by-side with us as we fight to conquer cancer while supporting patients and their families as they go through treatments and beyond.
Together, let’s help The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre to Conquer Cancer in Our Lifetime!
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