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The Weekend to Conquer Cancer benefiting Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Meggy Lew

Please Support Our Walk for Meggy Lew – She is our Inspiration

Our Team walks for Megan in hopes that we will be as strong and courageous as she was and to find a cure in our lifetime.

On December 20th,2019 our daughter, sister, cousin, niece and friend Megan lost her 3-year fight to Cancer at the age of 29.
She was first diagnosed with synovial sarcoma cancer at Princess Margaret Hospital in fall of 2016 after a MRI scan in in Mongolia. The following months she went through extensive chemo and radiation treatments at PMH. In May of 2017 she went had a 12-hour surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital to remove the tumor in her left hip. This was not an easy surgery. Her hip was manipulated to be able to remove the tumour in whole. Part of her pelvis had to be cut to accomplish this and her hip need to be reinforced with a tendon strand that was removed from her right thigh muscle. The weeks after the surgery it was discovered that she had lost the feeling in her left foot which she never regained. The months following were rehab at West Park Health Center. Megan loved her nurses which played a big role in her recovery. The visits from her friends, family and boyfriend Gerry who would visit from Mongolia kept Megan’s spirts up bringing food, flowers planning picnics in the garden all helped Megan recover. With her determination, the care from the staff at West Park and the love from her friends and family she walked out of West Park to return home. This day was a big day in Megan’s recovery. In the following months Megan followed up with Cancer Scans. In February of 2018 it was discovered at PMH that the cancer had re-emerged, and spots were found in her lungs and another tumour was found on her right hip. This was devastating news for Megan, so she tried to take it in stride. It was around this time that her and Gerry decided to get married. Gerry gave up his teaching job in Mongolia and moved to Canada to be with Megan. In March 2018 Megan and Gerry were married with the story book ceremony at a local winery and exciting party at home happening in July. Megan proceeded with some further immunotherapy treatment for her cancer which proved to be unsuccessful. Though all the treatments, appointments surgery Megan kept a positive attitude and planned to make the best out of life. She enjoyed trips with her husband Gerry, her friends and family like spending Christmas with her family cousins, aunts and uncles in Canmore, dancing at her cousin’s wedding, going dog sledding, going to Newfoundland, camping, canoeing, cottaging and even skiing in Ellicottville though the adaptive ski program. She was always there for her family and friends and her friends and family were always there for her though all the joy and hardship. This is why we walk for Megan because her spirt lives on. She has touched so many people with her kindness, honesty and love.
Cancer is a terrible disease that effects everyone on earth negatively in one way or another. It most certainly has affected and saddened anyone that knew Megan. Though Megan died from this disease the care that she received from Princess Margaret Hospital and all her health care professionals extended her life and her mobility to make the last 3 years of her life to me more comfortable and worth living. This would not be possible without the cancer research at places like the Princess Margaret Hospital. Your donation supports personalized cancer medicine, research, treatment advances, education and new standards of care at The Princess Margaret – in Ontario and around the world

On the night of September 11th,2020 we will walk 15 Kms Proud, Strong as a team for Megan and all the other men and women of Canada who have or will benefit for the cancer research at Princess Margaret.
We thank all donors for their donations big or small. Without you this would not be possible!

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